Summer Salmon And Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing Information: The ocean opens starting around the lst of July. We can fish there through mid August for kings & silvers. Buoy 10 opens August 1st & fishing usually stays good through mid September.

Summer Ocean Salmon Fishing
During the months of July and August is prime time for fishing both Chinook and Silver Salmon off the North Oregon Coast. During this time the salmon are moving along the coast following large schools of bait. Herring, Anchovies, Candlefish and Sardine's just to name a few.

These large schools of fish can provide heated action of bright migrating salmon. Both Chinooks and Silvers cruise the North Coast during these two months. It is important to note that this is fishing on the Ocean and safety is always the FIRST thing considered each day in determining if the weather and water condition are safe.

Billy uses his experience, Coast Guard reports and the vast weather network from ocean buoy reports to decide each day if the trip is a go! Once Billy knows the conditions and forecast are right you may experience some of the hottest salmon fishing available in Oregon.

The silvers start in the early season averaging 5-7 pounds and just continue to grow and add weight ending up with fish from 10-17 pounds in August. These fish are in 24/7 feeding mood. Early in the day you can find them normally close to the surface feeding and when you troll through the schools it is not unheard of to hook double/triples. The action can be crazy as these fish cartwheel into the air running from one side of the boat to another.

By State and Federal Regulation we are only allowed to retain the hatchery fish for the limit of two per person. We try to avoid when possible the native schools in order to not harm the wild fish.

The Chinooks (Kings), are also found in good numbers along the North Coast starting in July and building each week as more fish pass the North Coast as they migrate to the mouth of the Columbia River. By August the Chinook fishing for those who know how it works and where these fish stag can provide good king fishing for several weeks. The fish can average 15-20 pounds with fish up to 40+ available. The kings can be found on the surface but normally run a little deeper then the silvers. Once hooked you normally can tell the difference in the fight as the kings can make long powerful runs. The are not as fast as the silvers but they are one of the strongest fish that swim the waters of the North Pacific.

If your looking for ocean action Gale Force Guides has the experience and knowledge of when and where to be for these great summer salmon. But most of all Billy knows when to say "folks we are not going to the ocean today! Let's go catch and release a bunch of Sturgeon!" Safety is always first!

Buoy 10

Starting in August the famous Buoy 10 season begins. It marks the annual return of both Chinook (King) and Silver (Coho) Salmon to the Columbia River Basin. These are the fish that return to the rivers of Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

During this four to six week period all of the salmon that are headed to these three states to spawn pass by the Lower Columbia River! Returns range from 800,000 too 1,400,000+ Salmon annually. This is why this is a famous salmon fishing opportunity!

Tides, weather/water conditions, water temperature and schools of various types of bait effect the schools of fish. Experience and working with a network of fishermen for real time information helps Billy locate fish and give you the best chance at landing salmon.

From BiIly's 26' boat to the equipment and tackle used fishing Buoy 10, Gale Force Guides has the experience to always be at the top of the success list during this season. From first time salmon fishermen to experienced anglers this is the time to be here. If you were to ask when is it prime time for river salmon on the Columbia River this would be it!

Fall Chinooks: Columbia River, Nehalem bay and Tillamook Bay

Once the Chinooks start moving up the river leaving the Astoria fishing grounds headed for the spawning beds of Oregon, Idaho and Washington, Gale Force Guides moves up river with them. We start fishing the Longview area as soon as the conditions require it. Some seasons in late August and sometimes in early September.

This fishery is an anchor and sometimes troll fishery. Fishing the deep slower water of the area thousands of salmon pass by each tide giving us an opportunity to land large King Salmon. We fish wobblers mostly anchored in just the right groove. The weather is normally warm and very comfortable and the water conditions calm.

These salmon SLAM the wobblers and we regularly see fish to 30 pounds and it is normal to see someone catch fish 40+ pounds. These trips are great again for any experience level and are very popular because of the weather, water conditions and the numbers of fish caught. If your wanting to get in on this fishery always book early!

Nehalem and Tillamook Bay
Once the State closes the Columbia River for sport fishing based upon the quota being reached, we turn our attention to the Fall Chinooks staging in Nehalem and Tillamook Bays waiting for the coastal streams to fill with seasonal rains.
This is also a very special time. While there are not the total numbers of salmon returning to these areas there are plenty of fish. The special part is these are the big ones. This is your best opportunity to hook and hopefully land Chinook/King Fall Salmon to 50+ pounds.

Gale Force Guides will fish these areas daily from mid September until the rains hit in late October or early November. Fishing the bays is also safe water and a time where all experience levels can have fun and success.

Once the rains hit and the rivers rise ending the bay fisheries, the fishing does not stop. We winterize and store the sleds and breakout the drift boats. These trips are packed with Oregon tradition. Drift boats were designed and first used on the rivers and waterways of Oregon. Fishing 2-4 people per boat our guides will ROW you down the scenic North Coast Rivers or Oregon floating and fishing for those same large Fall Chinooks that were in the bays a few weeks before.

Fishing the Wilson, Trask, Nehalem and Necanicum during the two month season ending December 31st, BiIly's experience and attention to detail can put you on salmon most months.

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