Sturgeon Fishing Information: We start fishing for sturgeon from mid May through July. Keeper sturgeon sizing ranges between 45-60 inches. Many days we catch 40- 60 fish. We fish a lot in shallow water which is really a lot of fun.

     There is no better place to fish for Fresh White Sturgeon in the United States than the lower Columbia River. Fish are available for many months and provide great sport fishing. Both retention seasons and catch and release are available.

     The "keeper" season runs traditionally from mid May until the quota is caught near the 4th of July. This is when fish are moving into and out of the lower river allowing us to have large numbers of fish in the area!

     Fish range in size from 38" to over 10 feet! These port fish will challenge any anglers fighting kills and yet is a perfect trip for kids and inexperienced anglers. These fresh fish are also great eating. You also need to know this is one the most popular fisheries for Sturgeon anywhere. Anglers come from everywhere for this keeper season. As a result advanced bookings are suggested.

     The catch and release seasons for us are April, July and August. During these times large schools of fish come in to make their spawning runs as well as fish coming into feed on huge schools of bait (July, August). During these trips you can have days of 50+ fish! We know there can be amazing action on these catch and release days. When we are asked what is the best time for us to come and have lot's of action this is it. Catch & release Sturgeon on the lower Columbia River stands alone for hot action!

     Billy Davis has been chasing these fish since he was a kid. With that experience Billy knows where and when to fish. Billy and his vast experience and knowledge of the runs makes him the top producers of quality fish each season. Gale Force Guides also prefers to when possible fish shallow water with light gear. There is no better fight then when you hook a large Sturgeon in shallow water and see the fish come out of the water and then take a 50 plus yard run for the deep!

     These are fishing trips you must try and you'll be hooked for years. Great trip for all members of the family and the experienced angler. Contact us for more information.

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