Crab Fishing & Razor Clam Information: Let's look at the locations on the North Coast. For those who wish to charter a crabbing adventure or have your own vessel, who have the experience and who are large enough for the bar crossings in Garibaldi or the Columbia River Bar can have or who would like to charter a crabbing trip can have great success in the ocean waters and on the lower Columbia River during the sports seasons. (Always check with current regulations and a shellfish license is required)

     Crabbing in Nehalem and Tillamook Bays is very good in more protected waters. There are several businesses that rent everything you need for a safe and enjoyable crabbing trip. They will even in most cases cook the crab for you.

     We recommend in Nehalem, Jetty Fishery and in Garibaldi (Tillamook Bay) Garibaldi Marina. These businesses are focused year round on crabbing opportunities and have everything needed.

     For those who-want a charter for either the ocean or the lower Columbia give us a call and we will help make the arrangements. We offer crab trips at certain times of the year. Dungeness Crab are famous world wide for their taste and abundance in the cold waters of the Pacific. Here on Oregon's North Coast there are many opportunities for you to catch these crawlers of the bottom.

    The Razor Clam is a precious resource here on our local beaches. We at Gale Force Guides strongly want to protect it so a couple things for you to remember while you are
here digging are, the legal limit is 15 clams and the law is to keep the first 15 you dig regardless of size. Also don't forget to get your shellfish license before you go.

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